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CESSNA 208B-Grand Caravan ENGINE Spares

CESSNA 208B-Grand Caravan ENGINE Spares

3045951-02 Chip Detector Magnetic
AS3209-115 Packing Performed
AS3208-08 Packing Performed
AS3209-014 Packing Performed
3012928 Spacer Stepped
AS3209-143 Spacer Stepped Packing performed
AS3209-120 Spacer Stepped Packing performed
3013151 Cover Oil Filter
3071237-01 Filter Cap and Gauge Assy Oil Tank
3058971-01 Valve Assy Oil Filter Tube Post SB 1659
MS9385-12 O-Ring
S2808-120600 House Assy
MS29513-013 O-Ring
MS28778-6 O-Ring
104A10004-06 Nut
3010880 Gasket
3008787 Connector Rod End
3012254 Nut Plain Drilled Hex
AN4C7A Bolt
S1450-4S10-032 Washer
MS21043-4 Nut
2654029-14 Rod Bearing
AN4C7A Bolt
AN3164R Nut Jam
AN3C3A Bolt
3012385 Bolt
MS9358-09 Nut Castellated
3010566 Washer Plain
MS21043-3 Nut
3029268 Filter Option
AS3209-015 Packing Performed
AS3209-126 Packing Performed
MS9385-09 Packing Performed
MS9518-15 Bolt Machine Hex
MS9302-09 Washer Flat
3012675 Nut
2658008-2 Pin Upper & Lower
2658052-9 Pin AFT
MS21043-3 Nut
NAS1149F 0332P Washer
3011071 Adapter Drain Valve
3004904 Ring Retainer
3001957 Spring Five Coils Drain Valve
3006505 Valve Drain Gas Generator Case
3013573 Bracket Fuel Line And Ignition Head Support
M25988/1-928 Packing Performed
3033355 Filter Element
26281 Inter filter & covert
MS21042L4 Nut
AS3208-04 Packing Performed
ST3367-009 Packing Performed
AS3209-009 Packing Performed
NAS1149C0432 Washer
MS21042L4 Nut
MS28775-022 O-Ring
S51-14 House Overboard Oil Breather 12.5 in LG Altaching Parts
S1891-12 Clamp
MS21919DG32 Clamp
MS35207-263 Screw
NAS1149F0332 Washer
A1633-72 O-Ring Hub To Prop Shaft
A1635-133 Screw
3033737 Hose Non Metalic
826551 Duct Flex
3014223 Packing Performed
S2554-4 Hose 36.00 In LGBKI Starter Generator Oil Drains
S2548-6 Hose 13.50 In LG Combustion Drain
C5518 Collar Feed Back
B5121 Bearing Assy Feed Back
A1636-36 Ring Retainer
C40257 Brush Block Assy Propeller Deice

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