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Part Number Name of the Parts
C611008-0101 Control Unit Assy Alternator
2670048-1 Relay Assy  Standby alternator
9910592-2 Alternator Assy 28 Volt 95 AMP
83-0057 Resistor
C662504-0101 Gage-Volt Ammeter
MS 35059-23 Switch-Ignition
SM 400D37 Contactor-Internal start
1570301-1 Dimming Assy-Transistorized Light
1570166-1 Dimming Assy-Transistorized Light
3PBIIT2 Switch-Anunciator panel Lamp Test
C20050R Switch-Fire Detector Test
65-0916-3-435 Light Assy-Indicator Engine Fire
65-0916-3-384 Light Assy-Indicator Oil Press Low
65-0916-3-386 Light Assy-Indicator Generator Off
65-0916-3-443 Light Assy-Indicator Emrcy Power Lever
65-0916-3-427 Light Assy-Indicator Aux Fuel Pump On
65-0916-3-392 Light Assy-Indicator Aux Fuel Press Low
65-0916-3-391 Light Assy-Indicator Starter Energized
65-0916-3-433 Light Assy-Indicator Std By Elec PWR INOP
65-0916-3-434 Light Assy-Indicator Windshield Anti-ICE
65-0916-3-399 Light Assy-Indicator Deice Pressure
65-0916-3-429 Light Assy-Indicator STD BY Elec PWR ON
65-0916-3-388 Light Assy-Indicator Battery Overheat
65-0916-3-436 Light Assy-Indicator Battery Hot
65-0916-3-437 Light Assy-Indicator Voltage Low3
65-0916-3-428 Light Assy-Indicator Vacuum Low
65-0916-3-407 Light Assy-Indicator RSVR Fuel Low
65-0916-3-393 Light Assy-Indicator Left Fuel Low
65-0916-3-394 Light Assy-Indicator Right Fuel Low
65-0916-3-441 Light Assy-Indicator Door Warning
MS25027-4 Light Assy- Circuit Breaker Panel
9002-03 Sign-No Smoking/Fasten Seat Bells
1495 Lamp
040-0043 Strobe Tube Assy
C-17312-1 Lamp –Flashing Beacon 150W
8502K1 Switch-Air Conditioning
C-145-350 Motor Assy-Flap Actuator
MS24187D1 Contactor-Flap Actuator
BZ7RQ1T Switch
C17330 Gasket
A2109-3 Gasket
C100100-1 Motor
MS 25201-4 Switch-In-Flight Moveable Door
30110 Lens-Jump Light Red
30111 Lens-Jump Light Amber
30112 Lens-Jump Light Green
1570102-29 Ground Strap
0570102-34 Ground Strap
AN4-12 Bolt
644-04303416 Cable Fire Detector
23541 Insulator
644-13403485 Cable Fire Detector
244-18922 Cable Fire Detector

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