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Bullet Resistance Helmet Level IIIa

Level IIIa High Cut MICH Helmet

We searched for a long time before we discovered that ArmorSource is the premier helmet manufacturer in the US. They make helmets for the FBI, Army, Airforce, DHS, and more. These are the exact same helmets that are branded by many OEM companies (sells for $600). These are MICH ACH HIGH-CUT Helmets in Coyote Brown.

The High-Cut model is the most popular amongst the Special Ops community due to the weight, ability to add assessories, and ability to wear headphones (or no headphones and still have directional hearing).

The ArmorSource high-protection Ballistic Helmet offers NIJ level IIIA protection, supplemented with increased fragmentation protection capabilities. This popular helmet design is used by military organizations worldwide.

The helmet offers:

•Protection against handgun bullets (9mm and .44 Magnum) and small fragments/shrapnel
•Shape accepted by the U.S. Government and other military and police organizations- compatible with Ops Core FAST helmets
•Includes 3-hole Wilcox pattern drilled at the factory (WIL3 or other WARCOM shroud compatible)
•Made in the United States: NOT MADE IN CHINA
•Night Vision Capable

Shape: MICH

Shell Construction Comprised of Aramid fibers in a composite matrix

Ballistic Performance NIJ Level IIIA (according to NIJ STD 0106.01 / 0108.01)

Fragment Performance V50>2130 f/s, 650 m/s, 17 gr.

Ballistic Certification Third-party NIJ-accredited laboratory

Shell Size M, L, XL

Color: Coyote Brown

Head circumference in Inches Fitted Hat Size Helmet Size 
21.62 – 22.75″ 6.8-7.25 M
22.75-23.50″ 7.25-7.5 L
23.50-24.41 7.5-7.75 XL

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