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Pythagoras software is designed to serve your needs as surveyor or engineer. Producing sophisticated drawings and calculations, through simple operations. No matter how complex your plans or projects get.

Intuitive drawing & calculation tools
Even the casual user can reach a high degree of productivity with the Pythagoras functions. Intelligent snapping, indicating geometric relations and context-sensitive input fields are just some of the techniques that make Pythagoras very user-friendly and productive.

Advanced DWG & DXF compatibility
Pythagoras supports industry-standard file formats. It reads and writes Pythagoras, DWG, DXF and ASCII file formats. Thanks to the Open Design Alliance this support can be kept up to date.

Create symbols, line styles and patterns
Pythagoras handles the most complex symbols, line styles and patterns. The possibility to produce your own style and to share these elements with other CAD programs highlights the compatibility.

Import geo-tagged images
Georeferenced images are the new standard image file formats. Pythagoras handles them accordingly and places them automatically at the correct location.

Export to Google Earth
Work preparation was never easier. In Pythagoras, just select the objects you want to export to Google Earth and push the button. Your project will be shown in Google Earth at the correct location.

Create your own VBA macros
The open source character allows users to create add-ons for their specific needs. Create macros using: menus, tools, events, operations, …

GIS services
Pythagoras can provide you with a fully equipped and personalized GIS system. When special functions are needed, our team can analyze your needs and create a solution that will seamlessly fit your work process. Analyzing, designing, implementing and testing, our team covers it all.

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